Dame Stella Rimington DCB

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A woman sitting in a brown leather armchair holding a book. On the table beside her is a radio and a lamp standing on the floor next to her. A framed painting of a building is hung on the wall behind her.
Photograph © Anita Corbin


First Woman Director General of MI5

November 2015, at home in Norfolk

b.1935, South London

In 1992 Stella Rimington was the first woman to be appointed Director General of MI5, Britain’s Security Intelligence Service, founded in 1909. She was also the first Leader of any British intelligence service to have her name publicly announced on appointment and the first to give a public lecture on television. It was under her leadership that the Service adopted a more public face which it has maintained. Stella is now an author, having written her autobiography and ten Liz Carlyle novels.

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