Jill Pay

A woman wearing a black skirt and blazer putting on a pair of white gloves. A sword is hanging from her left hip. She is standing in front of a desk and ornate windows.
Photograph © Anita Corbin

Interview: Jill on her career


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First Woman to be made Serjeant at Arms in the House of Commons

August 2011, Serjeant at Arms’ Office, House of Commons, London

b. 1946, Upper Norwood

Jill Pay, an experienced business manager in both private and public sectors, was the first woman to be appointed Serjeant Arms in the House of Commons in 2008. Having worked at Westminster since 1994, Jill made history, aged 62 by landing a role that had been held by men (and only those with military background) for 600 years. She is currently Chairman of The Pink Shoe Senate within the Pink Shoe Businesswomen’s network, and Deputy Chairman of Trustees of the Beanstalk literacy charity. Jill Pay is a First Women UK ambassador.

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