Professor Monique Simmonds OBE PhD DoU FSB FWI FRES FLS

A woman wearing a grey blazer and a pink and blue striped shirt holding the branch of a hanging plant in her hands.
Photograph © Anita Corbin


Interview: Monique on her career


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First Woman Director of the Kew Innovation Unit, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

April 2014, Princess of Wales Conservatory, Kew Gardens, Surrey

b.1950, Pembroke, Wales

Professor Monique Simmonds was the first woman to use insect-based tests to study human diseases at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Also the founder of the Kew Innovation and Business Unit, she was their first director. There Monique dealt with intellectual property at the RBG and affected the importance of quality control in the supply chain for commercial uses and develop co-branded produces with Kew.

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